Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot | Roboteam
Better Access. Reduces Exposure

The MTGR® EOD (Micro Tactical Ground Robot Explosive Ordnance Disposal) system is designed to assist units around the world by engaging explosives and dangerous substances.

Agencies are using the MTGR EOD for route clearing, IEDs, checkpoints and vehicle inspections.

The lightweight system is equipped with a sophisticated, ruggedized manipulator arm that can perform all the necessary actions whether it is handling explosives or setting charges to remove its users from harm’s way. The MTGR EOD is in fact the lightest EOD system in the world. It is man carried while maintaining high maneuverability in all terrains, both indoors and outdoors, featuring a simple and intuitive control interface.

Moreover, the MTGR EOD’s unique communication technology allows the operator to maintain a safe distance while successfully completing the mission. The platform is controlled by the Ruggedized Operator Control Unit (the ROCU-7), a high resolution, handheld, touch-screen operator console with gamepad controllers.

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