IRIS - Ultra-Light, Throwable, Tactical Robotic Platform

IRIS® - Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground – and Under it

The throwable IRIS robot gathers intelligence instantly

IRIS is an Ultra-Light Throwable Robot Platform

Provides standoff detection and tactical surveillance capabilities

Quiet operation

Stealth reconnaissance

360° video & zoom

Day & night

Ultra-light throwable robot

3.6 lbs platform

Add-ons integration

Ethernet, power, video

What is your mission?

Watch. Listen. Keep safe.

Get close to the situation without attracting attention. At only 8” long and 36 lbs, the ultra-light IRIS gets into tight spaces and dangerous areas quickly and quietly. It can see in the dark, listen to the surrounding environment and send back critical intel to your handheld controller.

Up Close at a Safe Distance

The ruggedized, ultra-light IRIS platform delivers immediate tactical intelligence to first responders from previously inaccessible and dangerous places. That means easier monitoring of environmental and structural hazards, safer standoff distances, better risk assessment and faster, more effective search and extraction support.

Locate and Monitor in Any Space

Get tactical video and audio intel from hard-to-access venues to reduce mission time and casualties. Ruggedized, small and ultra-light, IRIS can be quickly tossed into small, narrow spaces. IRIS runs quietly in underground tunnels and other urban warfare environments and can be securely controlled by a single operator.

Throw and Control Anywhere

IRIS Robot in the Sand

ROCU-7® - Ruggedized Operator Control Unit - 7"Screen

The IRIS Controller offers operational durability, power, easy-to-handle controls in all lighting conditions and a range of configurable options. The IRIS Controller offers enterprise-grade features including a quick-charging, user-replaceable full-shift battery.

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IRIS Robot IRIS Robot
  • System contents:
    IRIS Robot, controller, power supply, cables and accessories, carrying case, documentation
  • Dimensions
    (L x W x H): 9.4 x 8 x 4.3 inch (24 x 20.5 x 11 cm)
  • Military standards:
    Military standards:
  • Weight:
    3.6 lbs / 1.65 kg
  • Max payload:
    2.2 lbs / 1kg
  • Speed:
    2.5 mph / 4 kph
  • Communication:
    Secured encrypted IP
  • Operating range:
    700 feet (200 meter) LOS
    • Power supply:
      12V replaceable field batteries
    • Operating time:
      1-2 hours (operation mode dependent)
    • Payload ports:
      Ethernet, RS232, video/audio
    • Mechanical interfaces:
      Picatinny rail
    • Video & cameras:
      Real time day & night video + zoom, laser & audio
    • Sensor tilt module:
      - 60° / + 70°
    • Illumination module:
      NIR LED, adjustable brightness
    • Operational temperature:
      (MIL-STD) -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°)
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