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TIGR® - Full-Featured Tactical Ground Robot

A state-of-the-art man-transportable robotic system

Tactical Ground Robot for Safe Standoff

Detect and confirm presence, identify and counter hazards, and deploy a variety of platform payloads


Lightest in class platform

Climbs stairs

Up to 45 degrees

360° video & zoom

Day & night capabilities

Manipulator add-on

Compliant with IOP

What is your mission?
  • TIGR Military Robot
  • TIGR EOD Robot
  • TIGR UGV Military Robot

Advanced Standoff Capabilities

TIGR can rapidly deploy from the back of a truck or the trunk of a car to give first responders fast and safe access to hazardous situations, while lightening their load with a lightweight control unit.

Better Access. Reduced Exposure.

For CBRN & HAZMAT operations, MTGR extends reach for safe distance control by relaying radio signal to additional robots. Remote operation with standard interface for CBRN and environment sensors.

Quickly Detect, Dispose and Defend

Day or night, in rough terrain and urban settings, the TIGR 360° cameras identify threats from a safe distance and the manipulator, with 6 DOF (Degrees of Freedom), retrieves and delivers payloads of up to 20 kg (44 lbs). The TIGR is also compatible with any IOP module and carries enhanced visual capabilities that enable superior recognition of wires, IEDs and humans.

Tactical & Operational Edge

TIGR is an all-weather, all-terrain tactical robot with superior maneuverability that is well suited for operation requiring moderate payload mobility. TIGR gives ground forces a full tactical intelligence and operational edge in the field.

Superior Mobility

TIGR Robots in Water
TIGR Robot in Mud
TIGR Robot Climbing Stairs
TIGR Robot in Thicket
TIGR Military Robot in Debris
TIGR Robot in Rubble

ROCU-7® - Ruggedized Operator Control Unit - 7" Screen

The ROCU-7 is an all-weather controller whose easy-to-master user interface enables a single operator to control several unmanned systems under any lighting conditions.

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  • System contents:
    TIGR Platform, 6 DOF manipulator, controller, power supply, cables and accessories, documentation
  • Dimensions:
    (L x W x H) 36 x 23 x 32 in/ 91 x 59 x 81 cm
  • Weight:
    185 lbs / 84 kg , including 6 batteries
  • Stair climbing:
    45°, 10 in / 24.5 cm
  • Environmental:
    Ingress protection - 67
  • Vertical obstacle:
    9.5 in / 24cm
  • Range:
    2,296 ft / 700m LOS
  • Operating time:
    Default 8 hours (for 6 batteries)
Vision Modules
  • Platform cameras:
    Front & Rear HD color cameras
  • Manipulator cameras:
    HD color cameras
  • Optional add-on camera:
    20X Zoom camera
  • Illumination
    White (day) / 360 ̊NIR (night)HD color, close and high range of motion
  • Degrees of freedom:
    6D – Shoulder continuous yaw and pitch, Elbow 1 pitch, Elbow 2 pitch, Wrist continuous roll and Gripper
  • Manipulator length fully extended:
    59 in / 150 cm
  • Max height (including platform height):
    77 in / 196 cm
  • Front of Platform Lift:
    33 lbs / 15 Kg
  • Full Extension Lift:
    13 lbs / 6 Kg
  • IOP ports:
    3 X 24v type B
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